{Day 2} How do you define love?

How can one truly define what love it? Love lies in your heart. It is an unconditional emotional investment in the other person. It leaves you wanting only the best goodwill for the other; wanting to protect the other from evil and even lay your life on the line for that person.
I believe that love is ever growing and changing. When I met my husband 13 years ago, I loved him as a college friend. He grew to be my FIRST LOVE as a boyfriend and then my Husband. Since those almost 7 years have passed, my love has grown deeper than I could imagine by watching him be the Father he is to my children and the Man he has become.
The definition of love differs from person to person, and there are many types of love based on the object of your affection, be it your parents, your soul-mate, your friend or your child. The first time I looked into both of my children's eyes, I instantly found out how deeply and unconditionally you could care for someone who depends solely on you.
I will leave you with the words that define Love in the Bible and that are so commonly used in my industry when joining two people together...

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