Day 3 - Let them Eat Cake {and Other Sweet Treats}!

Let's face it, everyone enjoys a great piece of cake! A wedding just isn't complete without that perfect cake and the stylish bride wants a cake just as trendsetting as she is. The cake cutting is so full of tradition and did you know, it is one of the most photographed moments of your wedding day? With that being said, you must know the Hottest Cake Trends of the year...
{Dress Details} 
These cakes are a great example on how to design a cake around your beautiful wedding gown. Details such as embroidery, lace patterns, even ribbons, sashes and jewels can be mimicked on the cake! {WhiteFlowerCake.com; CakeParlour.com}

{Vintage Details}
Have a broach detail integrated to create a glam vintage look into your cake. The cakes are striking and gorgeous! {WhiteFlowerCake.com; CakeParlour.com; RebeccaCalagna.com}

Cakes are getting taller to create that WOW factor! Really towering cakes are normally for more formal weddings but whether you have more layers because you need them or want to add a fake tier to get the height, stack them high for drama. {TheBeautyBridal.com}
{Two Tiered}
A bit more rustic and vintage, have your baker double stack two cakes and frost together for height. Or if your wedding {and your budget} is smaller, put your cake on a fabulous stand to add the height and drama {TheBeautyBridal.com}

Flowers, sculptures, and large monogram letters are still replacing the traditional bride and groom wedding topper. You can find gorgeous cake jewelry in the {Shop}. {RebeccaCalagna.com}

{Cake Flavor}
Being bold and dramatic with cake flavor is in. Try {the dramatic looking} Red Velvet, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate orange, Vanilla Bean, Almond, Lemon or Orange and fill them with something nice like dark or white chocolate ganache or Caramel Buttercream. Your guests will thank you for it!

{Other Sweet Treats}
Cupcakes are still a growing trend, along with candy buffets and dessert bars. Mix things up a bit and give your guests some selection. Get a smaller cake and offer cupcakes, tarts, cookies, cake pops, any kind of baked goods and make a beautiful display out of it. This is great to add focus to an otherwise useless wall or corner of your venue too. They also take place of the traditional wedding favor {MySweetandSaucy.com, RebeccaCalagna.com}

Remember ...
{Life is Short, Eat Dessert First!!!!}

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