Day 1 - Introduction and Why I became a Planner

Here I am! {Rebecca Calagna}...

I am a 32 year old Wife and Mother of two Angels (well, mostly Angels!), Isabella and Vincent. I am a lover of God, reading, traveling, coffee, reality TV, martinis, musicals, shopping, spending time with my family/friends and just enjoying my children while they are little.

Planning my own happily ever after {my wedding} was the most exciting time of my life. To this day it will remain my favorite wedding, even though styles and trends change over the years, because it was everything I had dreamed about ...

I realize that there are many, many people who think they can become a wedding planner after they have planned their own wedding. I too have been planning since my own wedding in 2004, but in reality, my training and {my passion} began when I was little helping my Mother plan parties and weddings for our friends and family. Seeing the joy it brought my Mother as well as anyone who attended one of her fantastic gatherings laid the path to my future as a Wedding Planner.

I love helping dreams come true. I love having the reputation of sticking to my time-line while remaining easy to work with and kind-hearted. I love having my clients turn into life-long friends. And the smile on my couples' face as they walk down the aisle after becoming Husband and Wife usually brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart because I have helped them get to that point (On-Time, I must add).

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