{Day # 17} - Incorporating your Furry Family

Believe it or not, there are some tasteful  ways to incorporate your furry family into your wedding. The most common way is to have your dog be the ring bearer with a someone walking them down the aisle on a lease (please use fake rings!).

 Other ideas include: taking engagement pictures with your furry family and displaying them at the ceremony/reception, having your table numbers include pictures of your pets, having a grooms cake made in resemblance to your pet, entering or exiting on horseback, having your pet be the best man/maid of honor or just be present at the ceremony.
Having your dogs part of the wedding is becoming so popular that there are many sites dedicated to Dog Formal Wear. You can also have your florist make a flower collar or decorate a wagon that will be pulled. All in all, remember to keep it classy and make sure your pet will be well behaved and quiet during the ceremony.

{Photo Credits: TM Photography, Jonathan Ivy Photography}   

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