{Day # 16} Creating NEW Traditions

Today's Brides are creating new wedding traditions that allow them to showcase their lifestyle, individual preferences, and unique interests!
Tradition # 1:  Matching formal {Attire}
Modern: Bridesmaids are often allowed to pick out their own dresses that are flattering to them. For themselves, many brides are opting for colorful shoes as their 'something blue' or just to add a flair. Those daring enough might even choose a non-white wedding gown. Instead of a veil, Brides are using unique flowers, feathers or clips. And many brides are going with themed attire such as the 1920s or 1950s.

Tradition # 2: Formal {Reception} dinner with typical customs
Modern: Couples are becoming creative in the spaces they choose to get married in. Loft spaces, old factories/warehouses, museums and antique stores are all becoming popular. Instead of the formal dinner, many are incorporating a party style into their reception complete with festive party themes.
Tradition # 3: {Bouquet and Garter}
Modern: The anniversary dance or generations dance are both replacing the traditional bouquet and garter toss. These dances honor either the oldest guest or the couple who have been married the longest and they are handed the give-away bouquet.

Tradition # 4 {Maid of Honor and Best Man}
Modern: Gender bending rituals are now taking place with the Man of Honor and the Best Woman. If you have a best friend of the opposite sex, by all means have them stand up for you.
Tradition # 5: Only your {Culture}
Modern: Couples these days come from diverse backgrounds and faiths, so it is fairly common to see traditions from different cultures or religions being combined. However, many Brides see something they like at a friend's wedding and decide to incorporate and borrow that tradition for her day.

Tradition # 6: {Not seeing each other} before the ceremony
Modern: Many couples are creating a pre ceremony "first look". This way they can take photos before hand and often feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout the day.

Tradition # 7: {Officiant}
Modern: Another growing trend is to ask someone other than a clergyman to officiate your day. All they have to do is register online and have the official certificate mailed to them. An ideal officiant is someone who is important to the bride and groom, but is articulate and capable of handling such an important event.

Tradition # 8: Alternative {Registry}
Modern: If you have lived on your own or together for quite some time and feel you already have all of the necessary household items, then you can opt for a honeymoon registry or a registry to your favorite charitable cause. But keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with these alternative registries. It is a good idea to create just one traditional registry to placate those guests.
Tradition # 9: Leaving the {Reception}
Modern: For some time the tradition of the Bride and Groom leaving the reception early has been refuted. Brides and Grooms want to celebrate the day with their close family and friends and stay until the very end. Choose to have a special farewell after the night is over, like a sparkler send-off.

Tradition # 10: {Name Change}
Modern: Many Brides today are torn as to whether or not to change their last name. It is part of their identity and they have had it their whole life. Another option is to blend your two last names. Keep your last name as your middle name, or hyphenate the two.

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