Hashtag Generator

You've seen the pictures - Wedding Ceremony is in process and every guest has out their cell phones holding them up high or in the aisle taking pictures. You are definitely a Millenial Couple when your special Hastag is as important as your venue. Having a special Hashtag to use on Instagram is a perfect way for guests to share the images they take throughout the day. But, how do you come up with those cutesy, creative Hashtag ideas? Wedding wire has the perfect solution...

Back when I got married - (an ancient 10 years ago! HaHa) - Hashtags were not even invented yet. I needed to have a little fun and see what our Hashtag might have been for our Wedding Day.

First step is to fill out this short form:

You then click "Show me the hashtags!" and BOOM...

How do you share this Hashtag with your guests? You can include the information on your website, program or on a special sign placed throughout the reception. As another option, I recently created a card that was passed out at the ceremony along with the program announcing the couple's Hashtag. Find the cards HERE at our Etsy shop.

The custom Hashtags from The Knot gave me so many laughs! I would have loved picking out one of these to have our guests share their pictures. Have fun and take advantage of social media, friends! 

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