Here Comes the Guide

I just began advertising with Here Comes the Guide . In order to become a candidate, you need to have vendors and past clients give their reference of you. I was overwhelmed with kindness and gratefulness from the responses that I received. Here are some below...

Common Threads Among Professionals:
1)   The event professionals love working with Rebecca Calagna Events. They say Rebecca and her team are always extremely organized and detail-oriented. They are incredibly responsive to phone calls and emails. When it comes to the wedding day, all of Rebecca’s staff are extremely knowledgeable about thedetails of the event.
2)   Rebecca is very thorough and makes sure her events stay on schedule and run smoothly. Even when things go wrong, Rebecca stays calm and composed and makes sure she finds a quick solution while keeping everyone "in the know."
3)    Rebecca keeps all of the vendors on the same page during the event. She provides them with a timeline before the event with the details and timing of the day so they all know what is going on.
4)   Rebecca’s work is beautiful and very detailed. Her events are timeless, elegant and classic.
5)   Besides creating beautiful events, they also create exquisite stationery for weddings and events including invitations, table cards, menu cards and signage. This gives her a specialized edge on theoverall appearance of each event.
6)   The event pros say Rebecca has an amazing personality. She is kind, honest, and compassionate. They could tell that Rebecca and her staff truly cared about their clients and that each event is more than just a job to them.
7)   All of the event professionals highly recommend Rebecca Calagna Events for inclusion in Here ComesThe Guide.
Professional Constructive Feedback:
1)   “I think they might be wise to expand their business. They are so good and have such a good business ethic. We need more of them to go around.”
2)   “I do believe that Rebecca could work on her marketing skills. There is not much about Rebecca onthe internet at the moment, which is why I recommend Rebecca Calagna Events toHerecomestheguide.com even more.”
3)   “Rebecca could get her name out there more and this is the first step. She needs to really market herself and put a little more time into that!”
Common Threads Among Clients:
1)   The brides initially chose to work with Rebecca Calagna Events because they adored the work featured on her website, and upon meeting Rebecca, felt she grasped their vision immediately. They could tell from the beginning that Rebecca really listened and truly cared.
2)   The brides say Rebecca and her team were so fun to work with. They always had a way of putting thebrides at ease with suggestions when they were stumped during the decision-making process. Phone calls and emails were always answered in a very timely manner.
3)   The brides were very pleased with the vendor referrals from Rebecca Calagna Events.
4)   The day of their weddings was described as "truly amazing" and "perfect." The brides say everything went so smoothly thanks to Rebecca and her team. Everything was perfectly organized and orchestrated.
5)   The brides still have family and friends who say how much they enjoyed their weddings.
6)   The brides say that they truly felt they were Rebecca’s #1 priority during the planning and execution of their weddings, and that meant so much to them.
7)   All of the brides highly recommend Rebecca Calagna Events for inclusion in Here Comes The Guide. In fact, many have already recommended her to their own families and friends!
Client Constructive Feedback:
1)   N/A!

I am so blessed that I love what I do. Thank you friends and family for your support through this process and for my amazing clients who I have had the opportunity to work with. I'm excited for a year of growth and new beginnings!


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