Peaches and Cream!

I LOVE The Perfect Palette Blog.
What a wonderful resource for those Bride's who can not envision how their day will come together. It is not only a wonderful tool for Bride's, but for us Wedding Planners. Visualizing the final look of my events is in my nature, but convincing Bride's to just let-go and trust that it will all come together is another story. Now, a wedding color palette doesn't have to be difficult.The Perfect Palette blog helps inspire color choices and helps show how many ways colors can be combined to bring weddings to life.
Here is one color combination that I am particularly in love with...
Shades of Peach, Aqua and Ivory
I am very smitten with all things peach. There is something about a soft and subtle palette that is so full of romance, sweetness and all things beautiful. My favorite part of this is the aqua colored mason jars and the peach bridesmaid dress. It reminds me of the Peaches and Cream Barbie I was in love with growing up!

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