{Day #14} Keeping Your Wedding On Track

Even the most organized of Brides will lose track of time on her Wedding Day. Isn't that to be expected? You should be enjoying every minute, not worrying about what to do next or dealing with any problems that arise.
The most logical solution is to hire a Wedding Coordinator. You could enlist help from relatives, but it is always hard to make sure they will do the 'job' and not get caught up in the day, besides, they are guests and should enjoy themselves! A wedding coordinator has the challenging role of executing your wedding perfectly and making sure every detail is orchestrated to match your, the client’s, needs. A coordinator will work behind the scenes to keep your wedding moving, give vendors time frames and the Bride and Groom cues in order to get from point A to B with calm comfort and make sure that you are able to do nothing but enjoy your finest night.

A Wedding Coordinator (or planner ) should start by preparing a timeline and planning how the day will go from start to finish. This will tell you exactly when to start getting ready, how to prepare for the evenings events and what to be expecting as the night goes on. Your wedding coordinator will make it an enjoyable day that flows without any issues.

A Coordinator will take care of minor emergencies, manage vendor arrival times, organize the wedding party for the ceremony and grand entrance and give the DJ cues for appropriate moments. The best part is that we bring experience with us to your wedding day; knowing how to advise you and your family, how to deal with overbearing guests and always have back up plans in case of the unexpected. A wedding coordinator will help bring everything together for you wonderful wedding day and be the only guarantee that your day will stay on track!

“Behind every great Bride, is a great wedding coordinator!”

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