{Day # 13} Wedding Soundtrack

What is a wedding day without music? Music sets the general mood and tone for your ceremony and reception, while also allowing you to express your feelings through music. It is one of my favorite parts of the day because it adds so much drama and feeling into YOUR story - there are no right or wrongs here!

These are the main parts of your day that you will need to make selections for and next to each I have included my personal favorite:


Prelude {Music used to establish the mood for your wedding ceremony} The Gift

Processional {Music played while you and your wedding party march down the aisle} Cannon in D
Bride Entrance - Traditional Wedding March

Interlude {Music played to accompany a tradition or a significant moment at your wedding ceremony, such as the lighting of a unity candle or a sand ceremony}  The Prayer

Recessional {Music played while you and your wedding party exit the ceremony} Hallelujah

Postlude {Music played while you and your guests leave the ceremony and/or while you greet your guests} Beautiful Day

Grand Entrance - Let's Get It Started

First Dance - I Finally Found Someone (The choice is so personal here - this was our wedding song)

Mother/Son - Perfect Fan

Father/Daughter - In My Daughter's Eyes, I Loved Her First

Cake Cutting - How Sweet It Is

Bouquet Toss - Single Ladies

So how do you make the decisions? The best advice is to do your research. The web is full of sites where you can listen to clips of music...check with The Knot and Wedding Channel or download the song from iTunes to listen in full. Your DJ will also be able to help you through the selection process and recommend popular songs. Below are two very awesome companies that I have had the pleasure to work with and highly recommend:

AMAZE Productions {Carlos Valadez} - www.amazeproductions.com

Invisible Touch {Timothy Espinoza} - www.invisibletouchdj.com

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