Remedies for the {Witching Hour}

I found this article in Parents magazine...No, it has nothing to do with event or wedding planning, but I found it super useful for any Parent out there trying to end the Witching Hour meltdowns of their children {including myself}.

The witching hour is not just the province of colicky babies. It actually can affect every member of the household: "None of us is at our best in the hour before dinner," explains Carol Baicker-McKee, Ph.D., a child psychologist and author of The Preschooler Problem Solver. "Blood sugar is at its lowest, and fatigue is high. Families are in transition, and kids are often at their neediest. It's no small wonder that this time of day can feel like a lethal experience for parents."

No mom gets a free pass from the pre-dinner doldrums. "Employed moms desperately want some time to decompress, and stay-at-home moms may yearn for quiet time alone," says Kathleen A. Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., a health psychologist and author of The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood. How do you switch gears while keeping the peace, without resorting to pinot grigio and earplugs? Start with a few of these ideas.View {Parents.com Article}

Happy Halloween from my home to yours...

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