A {Ghostly} Halloween

Blog by: Teren Coulter

I absolutely love fall. It is my favorite season. In fall comes my favorite holiday, Halloween. I already have my boys' costumes ordered and my Halloween decorations up. I simply could not wait one more week! With Halloween comes Halloween parties, of course, and I love the idea of taking one character and creating a whole party around it. In this case, the ghost.

My inspiration for this party came from the {ghost invite} in our own shop.


Here are some {decorating ideas} for your ghostly party:

* Use medical gauze and starch to create a hanging ghost chandelier.

* Use white pumpkins in place of orange ones and decorate the pumpkins using black paint or even a thick black Sharpie.

* Take white sheets, large styrofoam balls, and wooden stakes to create a circle of dancing ghosts in your yard.

* Create a Halloween tree using spray-painted branches, di-cut ghosts, and ornaments created especially for the spooky holiday.

To {entertain} your little trick-or-treaters:

* Trace each guest's foot on white paper, you could even use their hand, to create a personalized ghost and keepsake.

* Paint two liter bottles white and add eyes and a mouth to create pins for ghost bowling.

* Dress your little ghoul in a white and black tutu- isn't it adorable??? This is my favorite!

To fill your {guests' tummies}:

* Make soup with ghostly cheese bread or try some ghost tortilla chips with witches' guacamole.

* Turn peanut butter cookies, cake-pops, or even strawberries into ghosts using melted white chocolate.

* Use whip cream to create ghosts on top of cupcakes or even custard. YUM!

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