For The Love Of {Mason Jars}

Blog by: Teren Coulter

I have a habit of collecting things: candles, buttons, ribbon, table cloths, shoes, broaches, and mason jars. Yes, mason jars, those glass jars originally used for canning food.I have found that there are actually many uses for these jars, so maybe this will inspire you to start a collection as well. Here are a few ways I use mason jars:

{ Storage} - store your collectibles, or organize your office or craft room knick-knacks (buttons, needles, paper clips, rubber bands, etc.).

{Vase} - use as a vase for your fresh-cut flowers.

{Lantern} -  use a tea light and some decorative ribbon to create a hanging light.

{Cup} - poke a hole in the lid of the jar, add a straw, some cut up fruit, and a cute ribbon, and you have an adorable way to present your drinks.

{Favors} -  insert candy or cookie mix into the jar and add a personalized sticker and/or ribbon for a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

{Soap dDspenser} - replace the lid of the jar with a soap dispenser pump that fits the glass base, fill up the jar with sweet smelling soap, and ta-da!

{Photo Frame} - place some vintage photos into the jars as a unique way to display precious memories.

{Party Accents} - make each guest their own utencil jar with a coodinating napkin, or bandanna, in this case.

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