June Brides

Welcome June! Ever wonder why June is considered the most popular wedding month? When you look through history, June has always been the most popular month for weddings. It goes all the way back to early Roman times, over 2,000 years ago! The month of June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of Marriage which is the reason the term "June Bride" was coined. 

During ancient times, it was thought that those couples who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. If a Bride was to marry in June, her first child would be born in spring bringing good luck. With her child being born in spring, she had time to recover for the fall harvest. During Medieval times, a person's annual bath (YES, once a year!) usually fell in May or June making the couples more presentable during these months and most likely to marry. 
Today, most couples opt for a spring or summer wedding because the weather is warm enough to hold an outdoor wedding and flowers are in full bloom. This means more choices and more affordability. June weddings are easier for guests to attend because schools are out for summer break. Additionally, Honeymoon travel is more desirable in the summer months. 

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