Tutorial - Beautifully Tied Bow

It always feels amazing to show the pieces to an Invitation and next to that, a picture of the completed project. It is hard for some clients to visualize the composition of an Invitation. It is my job to guide them along the way and provide design insight as to what will make a nice finished product. I love the classic feel that this combination of ecru and champagne produce. 

I've also recently been asked how I tie my beautiful bows. It has taken years of practice. Using the same invitation as above, this is the short and simple solution to produce a nice bow every time:

1. Cross the bottom ribbon around the top ribbon.
2. Turn the whole invitation away from your body and pull the ribbon tight and closer to the front tag.
3. Loop the right side ribbon.
4. Cross the left side ribbon and pull it through.

5. Tighten the two sides.
6. Cut the ribbon ends at an angle.
7. Viola! A beautifully tied bow.

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