Cinderella - the Ultimate BRIDE

It's Spring Break over here this week. My kids and I finally got the chance to see Cinderella. You all know what a hopeless romantic I am; I just love fairy tales and happy endings. This movie was definitely made for me!

When I saw Ella's Wedding Dress and the Prince and Princess standing on the balcony adorned in flowers, my heart swelled and I thought... "Way to go Disney"! The pastel hues are on trend right now for Spring 2015, as are the lush garden floral arrangements. It was beautiful.

Aside from the Fairy Tale Romance, the most beautiful part of the movie was the unifying theme, "Have Courage and Be Kind". I truly feel we can all learn from this bit of advice. Find the printable from Gray Frames HERE and hang it around your house for inspiration.

Sandy Powell, Costume Designer, talks about the 550 hours of work it took to make the Wedding Dress in this Vanity Fair article. 
She constructed a beige colored, long-sleeve, silk organza gown with a floral print to represent the simplicity of the princess-to-be. “Cinderella wins the Prince’s heart through her goodness, so I wanted to show this through her clothes,” Powell explains. “I wanted her to stay modest and pure even though she was going to be a part of royalty.” 

If you choose to be your own Princess on your Wedding Day, Alfred Angelo  has the replica dress available for you starting Mid-April.

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