Tori and Aaron's Wedding Photos {Deborah Tracey Photography}

I honestly feel that God has a unique was of bringing me clients. He plays a role in connecting me with the families who will make the biggest impact on my life and in turn whom I will be able to touch with my work. Julie (Mother of the Bride) found my name on Simply Unique Invitations website... I am a dealer of the silk-box invitations they were looking for and that was the reason I first had them over to my home office. I felt a wonderful connection with this family and ended up designing Tori and Aaron's invitations (we didn't end up using the silk-boxes), whole wedding ensemble and had the honor of walking them through their precious day as their Wedding Coordinator. I hardly have words for how beautiful the wedding was and how blessed I feel to have been a part of it.

The fact that the emotions and details of this love-filled day was captured perfectly can only be because of an amazing photographer. Deborah Tracey, who is lifelong friends of the Bride's family, did a gorgeous job. She was kind enough to share the photos below with me. I can highly recommend her for your wedding, but I think her images speak for themselves.

Check Deborah out on her website and facebook.

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