{Day # 24} Practice Makes Perfect - Rehearsal Dinner Do's and Don'ts

The purpose of the Rehearsal dinner is to properly thank everyone involved in planning your wedding. Mainly, your wedding party and immediate family. Traditionally the Groom's parents will host the dinner and it is somewhere where that will provide little effort or clean (there will be enough the next day)! It is a time to enjoy yourselves, however don't go overboard on the fun and remember to relax and get a good night's sleep! Here are a list of Do's and Don'ts related to the Rehearsal Dinner...


Make life easy on yourself. Plan the dinner somewhere there is little clean up.

Plan for some downtime and make it early enough to get a good night's sleep.

Be creative and have a fun theme.

Invite all your wedding party and any out of state guests who have traveled just for your wedding.

Have a different menu than will be offered at your wedding.

Make sure to thank the people that got you there.


Over do it with the alcohol.

Forget about the Toasts. This is a nice time for you as the couple to thank everyone.

Forget about the gift giving (parents and bridal party).

Forget to take LOTS of pictures.

Check out this FUN Rehearsal BBQ here at SnippetandInk.com

{YourWedding101.com, SnippetandInk.com}

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