{Day #7} Themed Parties

I am a themer (not a word, I know). I theme Christmas presents for my family, Halloween costumes, Family pictures, Easter baskets, you name it! A good themed party is one of my all time favorite things to plan. What a theme does is give you an overall direction of where your party should go and decision making more manageable. And believe me, life is so much easier when you have direction to follow!

The first step is to choose a theme. A theme will allow for a consistent overall look and feel of the party. An example of a theme is Moulin Rouge. Sometimes themes are just the colors you choose, so don't get bogged down if you can't come up with a name. Your wedding can even have a theme (I wanted mine to be Vintage Romance). After you have picked your theme, choose a color palette that coordinates with that theme. A Moulin Rouge party will have a red-and-black palette, reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Invitations, decor, food, music and party favors will feel consistent with the theme. Find decorations inspired by turn-of-the-century Parisian cabaret. Food can be served from a buffet of French delicacies and Champagne, while the Moulin Rouge soundtrack is playing in the background. Guests can receive the Moulin Rouge DVD or CD as a party favor. Be strategic with decor. If your event is at home, ask yourself how you can transform your house to fit the theme. If you are holding your party at a venue, take pictures of the entire room and choose decor that works well with the space. Mix solid colors with your theme so as not to go overboard (for a zebra party, use only accents of zebra print with black, white and hot pink).

Here is a collage of some of my favorite themed parties I have planned: Summer Soiree, Tailgate Party, Italian Mob Boss, Ruby Anniversary, Sweet Baby Shower, and Tiffany Bridal Shower...

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