{Day 5} Ways for a Stress Free Wedding

Weddings can be very stressful. It’s your “big day,” and there’s a lot of pressure to make everything perfect. But it’s also supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. Instead of worrying that every last detail works out perfectly, try to relax and enjoy the day. It will go by faster than you know it, and you’ll only be left with the memories.

You do have a choice in the matter. How you approach the wedding planning and the people you work with will decide how your experience goes. Things can and do go wrong, however if you let it ruin the entire process, then you are the one that suffers. Cope with things the best you can and know it will work out in the end.

Here are some ways to help you stay stress-free and relax (as much as you can):

1. {Remember the Reason} why you are doing this in the first place. You are declaring your love in front of your nearest and dearest family and friends and joining with your love for the rest of your life. Is there really anything more important than that?
2. {Have a Good Attitude} It’s true that life is what we make of it. If you go into wedding planning with a negative attitude, then things will go wrong. If you have a positive attitude, things tend to fall into place. A better attitude also makes people want to work with you and do their best for you. Who wants to work with Bridezilla? Remember, your wedding is going to be incredible and beautiful as long as you see it that way. Your guests will also pick up on your feelings, so spread a little happiness and let yourself enjoy the planning, the day and the celebration.

3. {Stay Organized} Creating a binder with all the information related to your planning can help you stay organized. Having timelines and lists can help you to ensure that you are staying on track so you don’t have to worry that you are missing important deadlines. Keep all your notes, swatches, ideas, contracts, to-do lists, and more in the binder.

4. {Set Boundaries} Weddings are an exciting time, and everyone wants to help by offering opinions and advice. This is your wedding. Do what makes you happy and comfortable. Thank your friends and family for their good intentions, but draw firm boundaries for what you will and will not accept. Try to include friends in other ways by asking for help dress shopping or mailing out invitations.

5. {Hire professionals} Don’t want to plan it yourself? Hire a planner! A certified wedding planner will guide you effortlessly through the process by sharing advice and overseeing the details for you. Even if you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner, be sure to hire other professionals for your wedding, including the photographer, caterer and DJ. Don’t trust these tasks to friends or family members. They may be well-meaning (and even offer you a discount), but hiring them can create awkwardness or tension if things don’t go according to plan. By hiring professionals with experience to do the job, you can trust that your event will run smoothly and you won’t have to worry.

6. {Track your budget} Use a spreadsheet or financial tracking software to log all your wedding-related expenses, so that you know exactly how much you have spent at any given moment. If you need to, keep a separate checking account from which to pay wedding expenses. Of course, before you ever start spending, you should make a clear budget of how much you intend to spend. Unexpected expenses may arise, but you should have a good idea of how much you would like to spend on each line item (photographer, caterer, flowers, etc.) and put a cap on how much you will spend in total.

7. {First Thought ,Best Thought} When you make a decision, let that be it. Don’t second-guess yourself. Once you’ve decided, then go to the next decision otherwise you will make yourself crazy. There are so many options for dresses, hair, table settings and more. You know what you like, so go for it and don’t waste time with regrets.

8. {Love Your Family} You don’t have to love your family all the time, but on your wedding day, show them some love. Put past differences behind you and be gracious. If you are negative, that negativity will spread and you’ll end up being upset. If you encounter someone who is rude or disrespectful, then walk away and don’t waste any energy on it. Be kind and loving and it will come back to you.

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