{Day # 22} Honoring Family/Friends No Longer With Us

As your wedding approaches, it is only natural to think of those who couldn't be there. There are simple things you can do to honor those who have passed. But keep the remembrance upbeat because their death should not be dwelled upon on your day of celebration and happiness.

1.       Have their favorite song played

2.       Light a candle

3.       Take your bouquet to the grave site after the ceremony

4.       Have a memorial charm attached to your bouquet

5.       Put the loved ones pictures on a ceremony table

6.       Memorial candle engraved or floating candles

7.       Include their favorite flower in your bouquet

8.       Leave an empty chair where your Mother/Father would be and stop to place a flower on that chair as you walk down the aisle

9.       Honor these people in your program

10.   Create a unity bouquet with a flower for each person that has passed

11.   Have a picture of that loved one wrapped in the stem of your bouquet

12.   Picture locket attached to bouquet

13.   Butterfly or dove release

14.   Wedding invitation wording - Daughter of "the late"

15.   Prayer of the Faithful

16.   Donation box for the charity of which that person's ailment was

17.   Carry something special from that person (i.e. the Rosary your grandmother gave you)

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