Valentine's Day {Kid's Crafts!}

Fun and easy craft gifts kids can make and give to celebrate Valentine's Day.

1. {Sweet}Personalize jumbo candy bars with festive wrappers and tags decorated with markers, stickers, and your child's own little fingerprints.

2. {In Bloom}Whimsically painted planters make a gift of roses or African violets even sweeter. All you need is a terra-cotta pot, some acrylic paint, and a little imagination.

3. {Wrap Artist}Your child can transform plain tissue paper into a work of art straight from the heart. Set out cups of paint and sheets of tissue paper in a solid color, and decorate with two thumbprints joined together to form a heart.

4. {Magnetic Force}These simple memo magnets are the perfect craft for your little cupid. To make, paint small wooden hearts, let dry, and glue a magnet on the back. It's a charming way to display cards and photos.
5. {Sealed with a Kiss}This year, purchase plain card stock, patterned paper, pretty buttons, and ribbon, then let the kids go to town to create more personal Valentine's wishes.

6.  {Tea for Two}Lacy coasters create a pretty perch for tea (real or pretend) or your favorite love potion. Simply cut out craft foam shapes and glue doilies in between them.

7. {Heartwarming}Our heart trivet is a cinch to assemble. Twist three lengths of red jersey into one long braid, shape into a heart, then sew through the underside with a needle and thread. Braid enough white jersey to create a layer of white, and sew again. Create another red braid; continue wrapping it around the heart shape until the trivet has reached the desired size, then sew again.

8. {Sweets for the Sweet}Dress up mini chocolate bars with a creative wrapper for the cutest candy ever. Measure out a section of paper by using the candy wrapper as a guide. Cut it out and cover with love messages, stamps, stickers, or little drawings, then secure around the bar with tape. This makes a quick and easy Valentine's gift for your child's friends.


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