Holiday Cards {You Can Make!}

Add a personal touch to your holiday cards this year by crafting them at home. These cards are so easy to make, even the kids can get in on the fun.

{Vintage Cheer}These stitched cards can be mailed out to friends or used to embellish the top of a present. To make, cut a square of cardstock and lightly sketch a simple holiday design on the front. Use a needle tool to punch holes in the design, then sew through the holes with a needle and yarn. Knot or tape the ends to the back of card and glue or tape your stitched design card onto a folded card as shown.
{On the Dot}This ornament-adorned card makes a perfect holiday greeting and also works great as a party invitation. To make, stamp circle cutouts with your family's initial. Punch a hole through the top of the circle and through the top of a piece of cardstock. Tie the two pieces together with a cheery bow.
{Pretty Pines}Use your favorite scrapbook paper or gift wrap scraps to create this artistic Christmas tree design. Start with a solid-color card as your canvas, and add a vertical strip of brown paper for the tree trunk. Cut a triangle from decorative paper, then cut into horizontal strips. Glue strips, about 1/8 inch apart, above the paper tree trunk. Finish by topping your tree with a bright gold star. 
{Stamped & Scalloped Card}To make this pretty patterned card, cut scrapbook paper to desired size and fold in half. Then, glue red scallop-edge paper trim to the lower edge of the card front. Cut a rectangle from red scrapbook paper and a slightly smaller rectangle from white scrapbook paper. Glue the white rectangle to the red rectangle and attach to the card with double-stick foam circles. Finally, stamp Merry Christmas onto rectangle before you mail your greeting. 
{Noel Note Card}To make this beautiful card, simply cut solid green scrapbook paper to your desired size and fold in half. Then, cut a panel of patterned scrapbook paper to fit the card front and adhere with double-sided tape. Finish by placing a self-adhesive rhinestone "Noel" embellishment along the panel's bottom edge.
{File Fix}Manilla folders make a great low-cost card base. Decorate your cutout cards with cardstock holly leaves and red buttons for a bit of cheer. Tip: Get shiny leaves by covering green cardstock with dimensional adhesive and letting it dry before cutting the leaves and folding them lengthwise.
{Classic Snowman}Recreate a winter wonderland on the front of a piece of colored cardstock by tearing snow shapes from white paper and gluing the pieces to the card. Add accents to your snowman such as rhinestone buttons and a plaid ribbon scarf.
{Holiday Punch}This layered approach adds whimsy to a simple cardstock design. Simply punch holes in a paper Christmas tree and glue it to a pretty patterned note card.
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