{Count Dracula} Kids Halloween Party

Colorful decorations, yummy food, and fun projects all add up to a fun Halloween party for kids. And with Count Dracula heading the party's theme, expect to find a lot of numbers mingled into the festivities.

1. {Downloadable Party Invitations}
Mark your calendar for Count Dracula's big bash. Invite friends and family with invitations made with our exclusive computer graphics. Just download the colorful images, trim them, and mount them onto blank note cards.Download artwork for invitation.

2. {Count Dracula Tablescape}
When Count Dracula pops up for some Halloween fun, let the games begin. Bright balloons, colorful candy, and friendly creatures make this table a treat! Stock the food table with brightly hued, kid-friendly munchies, such as oranges, grapes, and cheese popcorn.

3. {Creepy Candy}
Turn clear glass jars into your favorite Halloween ghouls. Decorate the containers with Count Dracula, black cats, and bats, then fill them with candies and see who can guess how many morsels are inside.

4. {Gotta Hand it to You}
These severed appendages come in hand-y at the serving table. Aluminum foil forms the structure of the hands and can easily be shaped to hold goodies and table-cards. Download our number-themed table-card pattern, a decoration the Count would surely approve.

5. {Count on It}
Turn fun time into learning time for little ones just learning their ABCs and 1-2-3s. Numbered cookies keep with the counting theme and are a cinch to make. Using cookie cutters, cut out circles and numbers from refrigerated sugar cookie dough (or use your favorite recipe). Bake, cool and frost; then place the number cookies on top of the frosted circle cookies.

6. {Spooky Spider}
A big green spider with a silly grin watches over the tower of snacks.

7. {Popular Popcorn Balls}
Fun to make and yummy to eat, popcorn balls are great party fare. The food coloring-dyed treats add color to the cheerful table.

8. {Silly Spiders}
These creepy critters are so simple to make, you'll have them crawling all over your fright-fest. Simply insert chenille stems into plastic foam balls you've spray-painted black. Glue on wiggle eyes for personality. Assembly is so easy that the whole family will want to get involved.

9. {Get Crafty}
Keep kids entertained with a fun art project. Set up a craft station with kid-sized tables and chairs. To carry the count theme, cut oversized numbers out of cardboard, paint and prop up in the craft area.

10. {Plastic-Plate Ghoulies}
Children will love creating their own ghoulish friends. This fun craft will ignite the Halloween spirit and is a creative alternative to standard party games and entertainment.

11. {Frightfully Fun Wreath}
With cats over jack-o'-lanterns and bats atop ghouls, it's tricky to count all the faces on this wreath. Remind the kids to give themselves a point for every one they find. Craft your circle of Halloween friends using plastic plates, colorful papers, puffy paint, and our helpful instructions.

12. {Dracula Party Favors}
Smaller clear-glass jars topped with Count Dracula himself make perfect party favors when filled with tasty treats.

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