{Beautiful Bouquets} for Fall Weddings!

You'll adore these autumn-inspired bouquets.

 1. {A Bold Bouquet} For a boldly elegant bouquet to carry down the aisle, combine flame calla lilies, orange roses, and burnt orange hypericum berries.

2. {Simplicity for the Bridesmaids} Small bouquets of fire calla lilies are just right for bridesmaids. The bold orange bouquet is wrapped in brown ribbon to enhance the color scheme -- a perfect complement to their green dresses.

3. {A Monochromatic Look} What could be more dramatic than this bouquet of deep burgundy calla lilies with red dahlias and Black Magic roses? The monochromatic assortment creates a high-style look.

4. {Out of the Ordinary} Magenta dahlias and a few sprigs of wax flowers create a strikingly simple bouquet. These substantial flowers last about two weeks after cutting and easily stand up to tousling. Dahlias are available in shades of white, pink, red, yellow, orange, and purple.

5. {Vibrant Shades of Fall} The vibrant colors of late summer and fall make this round bouquet a stand-out. It includes dark red dahlias, golden black-eyed Susans, yellow and orange calla lilies, purple trachelium, and orange roses. Green hydrangea blossoms act as a neutral buffer between the intense colors of the other flowers.

6. {Rich Pairings of Purple} This sleek bouquet of dark burgundy calla lilies and deep red roses is nestled in a bed of green hydrangeas and accented with eye-catching clusters of hypericum berries.

{Photos: BHG}

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