Centerpieces - The Star of the Table

Whether your event is a wedding, ladies luncheon or summer soiree, one item that is usually always present is the table centerpiece. Centerpieces have come a long way from flower-filled vases and big bouquets. Adding some unconventional elements to compliment the flowers you have chosen or opting for no flowers in the centerpieces, your guests will be amazed with these creative alternatives.

Cofee Beans

Your guests will have an immediate burst of “energy” when they see these centerpieces. Coffee beans can be used to surround flowers in a vase or nestle votive candles in their holder. Your guests will be “buzzing” about these coffee bean centerpieces for years to come!

Fruits and Veggies

An apple a day keep’s the doctor away, and it can also add a serious WOW factor to any centerpiece! Cut oranges, lemons or limes into thin slices, then use the slices to line the sides of a vase for a fun summer centerpiece. Placing mini squash or pumpkins on the table will create a fun, fall harvest theme. Or go totally wild and use artichoke and asparagus!


Shells can be a great alternative to flowers and add a unique look to any table. Cluster all white shells together for a very striking look or mix a variety of shells, sand dollars and starfish for a more nautical theme. Filling glass cylinders of different sizes with sand, candles and a few shells will add a touch of class to your beach themed wedding. Your local craft store can be a great source to find all these items.


Candles are always a great alternative to flowers, or an easy addition to any centerpiece. Candles come in so many shapes, colors and sizes, that the possibilities are truly endless. Try adding ribbon to jazz up a plain pillar or float candles in water filled cylinders. Dye the water to match the color of your event for a fun twist!

Submerged Flowers

Are you looking for a truly dramatic centerpiece? Take your favorite flower for a swim! Flowers submerged in water are becoming very popular for centerpieces for all occasions. Orchids look particularly stunning underwater. Add a few river rocks for an earthy effect, or glass beads for a little sparkle.

Small Scale Centerpieces

Is the space limited on your table or in your budget? These small scale centerpieces are a great way to save space or money! Cover empty tin cans with ribbon or fabric that compliments your event to create a “little, but mighty” centerpiece. Fill with your favorite flowers or use
them to hold mints or mini candies.


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What clever ideas. Very innovative.

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Wow! Every centerpiece is really gorgeours. It's easy to make it. Beautiful!!

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